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PROF SVAR, s.r.o.
a producer of original tow bars for the car industry with sales exceeding120 million KC has its base and production facility in Mnichovo Hradit

EDAG CZ, s.r.o.
construction and realization office for the construction of car parts supply of robotized production systems especially for the car industry.

Rcker R spol. s r.o.    www.rucker.cz                                  rental and maintenance of properties for the Construction Offices of Rucker R spol. s.r.o.

APEX Computer, s.r.o. www.apexcomp.cz                              this company is a supplier of information technologies (HW and SW) and the designer of data-management system called KOSTKA PRO.

LUKOV Plast spol. s r.o. www.lukovplast.cz                                  is a producer of plastic moulds for many different industries, especially the car industry.

MTC-DOZA s.r.o.                        www.mtc-doza-cz               transportation and Storage Company

HUSKY CZ spol. s r.o. www.huskycz.cz                                       a leading producer of outdoor equipment (clothing, sleeping bags, tents etc.) undertheir own trademark HUSKY


Founded in 2006.

The economics division of Scamo concentrates on the inner processes of our client companies. Although these are not the most prominent processes when considering the success and growth of our clients nevertheless, we understand that the road to success is sometimes uneven and attention to small details is crucial. For this reason, we devote ourselves the economic health of your business knowing that it is the foundation of a healthy company.

We have learned from long experience that this area is often, especially in the early stages of growth, underestimated by owners or management.

The primary economical assembly usually concentrates on the profitability of certain production or business process which is important but on its own insufficient. Other processes, such as the structure of finances and financing, liquidity, cash-flow directing, tax structure and planning, debt-management, obligations, stock, property etc., they all need to form a functional united system, which supports further growth.

If economical processes are not put in place quickly enough or frequently audited for effectiveness companies can be vulnerable to inefficiency and failure

We recognize that economics are not merely about the recouping running costs and form a much more complicated and sophisticated system.

The building division of Scamo includes several realization teams, each of which has responsibility for one specific professional area. Thanks to the co-operation of these teams, we are able to provide our clients anything from small components to complete buildings without the need for sub-contractors. However, in the event of requirements, we co-operate with reliable and proven sub-contractors with years of experience. This we offer as a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

The building division comprises six individual teams which include two teams of locksmiths , one team of electricians, two teams of bricklayer and one team of steeplejacks for high and dangerous work.

Jan Melkus

Zbynk Dvok

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