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PROF SVAR, s.r.o.
a producer of original tow bars for the car industry with sales exceeding120 million KC has its base and production facility in Mnichovo Hradit

EDAG CZ, s.r.o.
construction and realization office for the construction of car parts supply of robotized production systems especially for the car industry.

Rcker R spol. s r.o.    www.rucker.cz                                  rental and maintenance of properties for the Construction Offices of Rucker R spol. s.r.o.

APEX Computer, s.r.o. www.apexcomp.cz                              this company is a supplier of information technologies (HW and SW) and the designer of data-management system called KOSTKA PRO.

LUKOV Plast spol. s r.o. www.lukovplast.cz                                  is a producer of plastic moulds for many different industries, especially the car industry.

MTC-DOZA s.r.o.                        www.mtc-doza-cz               transportation and Storage Company

HUSKY CZ spol. s r.o. www.huskycz.cz                                       a leading producer of outdoor equipment (clothing, sleeping bags, tents etc.) undertheir own trademark HUSKY

Zmeck hotel Sychrov www.zameckyhotelsychrov.cz               a luxurious hotel in the grounds of the state castle Sychrov.



The economics division of the Scamo Company concentrates on the inner processes of our clients` companies. Although these are not the fundamental processes leading to success and growth of our clients, the way up without them would be very uneven, and in some situations their wrong function could have fatal and catastrophic consequences for these subjects. We are talking about the most important background of any functional company the economics.We have learned from our own long experience that this area is often, especially at the beginnings of the firm`s growth, underestimated by the owners or the management.The primary economical assembly usually concentrates on the profitability of certain production or business process which is important but on its own insufficient. Other processes, such as the structure of finances and financing, liquidity, cash-flow directing, tax structure and planning, the setting of outstanding debts, obligations, stock, property etc., they all need to form a functional united system, which supports further growth.If the economical processes are not set-up or adjusted in time, they may mean a real blow to the company which can be, in the end, fatal.The economics are more than a mirror of the return of the expanses for the management. It is a much more complicated and sophisticated system.

Company economics is an area reflecting all managerial decisions, on all levels and everyone making such decisions should realize the implications of their decisions upon the effective running and profitability of the firm.

With this principle of accountability in mind we have an experienced team who co-operate with Scamo to work in an individual and focused manner to help your company, to identify processes, analyze your operations and suggest such measures as are needed to minimize and, where possible, eliminate risks. If you were to opt for closer co-operation still then we are able to formulate economic policy for your company and apply it optimize operations or even to direct them completely should the need arise. The scale and depth of our co-operation is based on the concrete needs of your company and is dependent on your firms management abilities; which activities it oversee independently and what should be done in the form of outsourcing.

We are ready to be at your side to guide you through the economical maze, so that you have all the necessary information to hand to enable you to make key decisions promptly and with confidence. This will minimize the risks you take when deciding about the strategic development of your company

Our portfolio includes the following services which can be utilized in a co-ordinated or individual manner as you see necessary. All services can be provided in Czech, English or German. A thorough analysis of your companys operational health will determine the extent and duration of our co-operation as, of course, only a stable and lasting co-operation can bring be strategically beneficial. We look forward to co-operation with your firm and believe that thanks to our years of experience you will find us to be an indispensible aid in the growth of your company.

... your SCAMO team

Economic and financial consulting


In the area of economic and financial consulting we concentrate especially on:

  • complex economic analysis :management effectiveness, expense auditing, financial analysis, identification of, and treatment of problem areas and suggestion of improvement
  • partial economic analysis focusing on a particular area (cash-flow management, investment planning, stock directing, obligations and claims etc.)
  • processing of alternative financial models accommodating the maximum number of variables for possible future development of the company.
  • processing of business plans for different needs (banks, state commissions, funding programs and so on)
  • independent processing :specific reports related to micromanagement of accountings and economics especially for company proprietors or within a business group
  • processing of reports in other than national accounting standards (such as IFRS)
  • continual reporting, regular presence on management meetings to advise on status and development of company economy, internal and external risk factors (eg. State policy intervention)
  • analysis and evaluation of different credit and finance proposals such as comparison of investments in different forms (leasing, loan, supplier credit, capital etc.), from all perspectives and cognizant of tax liabilities
  • communication with financial partners (banks, leasing companies, brokers, etc.) when discussing the conditions of financing
  • processing of SWOT analysis
  • others, tailored to client requirements

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n the area of tax- consulting we offer the following services:

  • comprehensive client representation in to state bodies (financial offices, social insurance office, health insurance) in the area of tax and other compulsory payments
  • processing and managing the complete tax agenda of the client especially regarding the correctness and timeliness of documentation (income-tax return, overviews, accounting)
  • tax planning and it`s optimization within the parameters of state legislation
  • tax-audits for the client
  • representation in cases of conflict with financial authorities, during tax inspections, and in the event of legal proceedings, we will be on hand to assist at all times.
  • on demand consultation and phone or e-mail assistance: we promise a rapid tax advice service calculated to let the client understand their situation every step of the way
  • tax analysis and consultation of contracts before signing and before serious decisions are made
  • securing an accurate picture of employees tax agendas
  • international tax; optimizing tax management for foreign employees or managers

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IProcessing of projects for state or EU funding:

  • audit of your production, training, investment and other processes in order to identify possibilities for state support and funding
  • making a procedural plan and a schedule to achieve particular funding or support from a funding program
  • comprehensive processing of funding projects (including communication with funding bodies, processing the project and associated business plan, CBA and FS analysis, processing the application, supervision of the project and ensuring funding conditions are adhered to and processing applications for payments from the state budget etc.)

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Accounting services:

  • complete outsourcing of accounting including wages and personnel matters either in our software environment or directly onto client- based information systems.
  • accounting of the companys internal central or contract activities
  • overviews and accounting readouts according to client requirements, including reports in foreign languages or in IFRS format
  • client distance- access, on our server

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