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The building division of Scamo includes several realization teams, each of which has responsibility for one specific professional area. Thanks to the co-operation of these teams, we are able to provide our clients anything from small components to complete buildings without the need for sub-contractors. However, in the event of requirements, we co-operate with reliable and proven sub-contractors with years of experience. This we offer as a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

The building division comprises six individual teams which include two teams of locksmiths, one team of electricians, two teams of bricklayer and one team of steeplejacks for high and dangerous work.

The division operates with technical support perfectly suited to our needs. We use our own minor equipment for everyday use, but we rent larger Plant and machinery such as large cranes, diggers, etc. either from our long-term partners or where appropriate from contractors in the immediate vicinity of the project in hand.

The building division is capable of the preparing building projects to the handing over of keys stage, including project documentation and all connected engineering work connected with the building’s realization.

Steel construction

We specialize in light and medium weight steel constructions of up to 100 tons: bridge railings, halls, roofing, or reconstruction and upward extension of classical steel constructions and so on. We have ample space for large-scale constructions requiring pre- assembly preparation off-site and for storage between operations or before on-site mounting.

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Cladding for steel constructions

In the area of coating of halls we can boast an experienced team with specialist knowledge in fitting trapezoidal metal sheeting for un-insulated types or the installation of PUR panels for insulated halls. We can mount exterior shells on either “classical” building constructions or onto shelf (frame)-units, where the covering is mounted directly onto the frame.

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Trans-illumination systems (polycarbonates) and loft spaces

Over the last 10 years we have become competent in the installation of Trans-illumination systems and have completed many projects in this field including roofs, roof illumination solutions, lofts, wind-deflection walls and other polycarbonate constructions. This is a first class material with excellent insulation qualities and is also light- weight with UV filtration qualities. In combination with “admitted” constructions of galvanized zinc?zinc-steel, aluminum or even stainless steel, a very clean, modern and attractive design can be achieved. This combination of materials is often used for extension conservatories on domestic dwellings, marquees and smaller projects such as bus-stops.

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LocksmithBlacksmithery production

We have been providing this specialism for 7 years now allowing us to cover a wide variety of your needs. The main priority is the construction and assembly of fencing for private houses or industrial areas including sliding powered- gates. Another specialty is steel staircases of any possible shape, bespoke wrought fences at reasonable prices and industrial gates ( both sectional and rolling).

We have plenty of experience with atypical sectional folding gates of larger sizes (for all kinds of units, hangars etc.) to a wind and watertight finish. We do a great deal of balcony construction for typical panel housing including paneling with round profile wood, polycarbonate, certis panels or wired glass. We construct and mount these balconies for Housing Societies without requiring a full scaffolding operation as our team has expertise in steeplejacking and are all fully qualified welders.

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